Mania Foods

We have over 20 years of experience.

In 1998, with a brilliant and visionary business mind, Mr. Orlando Moreira bought a small, natural sandwich factory and started the business with only two employees, one of them, Mr. Alan Moreira; today, managing partner. The factory, located in the Sagrada Família neighborhood, Belo Horizonte, produced only 200 sandwiches per month.

Today, Mania Foods occupies a modern industrial facility with almost 6,000 square meters, in the Satélite neighborhood, in the northern region of Belo Horizonte, with a team of 250 employees.

We have our own refrigerated fleet, which takes the products to customers throughout Brazil. These customers demand the quality of the products manufactured by Mania Foods.

We put love into what we do to provide satisfaction and care to our customers!

Mania of excellence

Our Bakery

In 2004, we opened our own bakery.

We have state-of-the-art machinery that is constantly being renewed: special ovens, industrial mixers, semi-automatic GA (to cut, weigh, and shape), kneading machines, cylinders, fermentation chamber, and automatic peeling machine.

Mania to grow and innovate

Technology and Innovation

Concerned about the food safety of consumers, we use modified atmosphere technology, avoiding the manipulation of packaging, which avoids contamination by impurities. In addition, this technology provides quality storage for the sandwiches, ensuring better product shelf life.

To offer greater comfort to the employees, we have bought food conveyor belts. They are ergonomically adapted for the handlers, who remain at the same point in the assembly of meals, ensuring greater agility in the process and safety in the assembly.

Quality mania

From our hands to your hands

For Mania Foods’ cheese breads, cheese biscuits, sandwiches, snacks and coconut water to reach the consumer fresh, there is another area of work that our company is very proud of: logistics. An automated process that controls the fleet from its departure to the delivery of the final product. We work with management software that helps us in routing and optimizing deliveries, reducing lead-time.

At the end of the day, we know what and where the products were delivered. Real-time monitoring, which reinforces our goal of monitoring the entire process until delivery, so that everything reaches the destination with the highest quality!

There is so much care involved that it became a Mania

Good Practices

Mania Foods’ mission is to deliver quality products; always focused on ensuring the food safety of our consumers. And, to make this possible, we rely on a modern base with well-defined and standardized processes.

The quality area is structured with an internal laboratory, where we carry out sensory and microbiological analyses of finished products and ingredients used in the production, in addition to the development of new products. All this is done to maintain the integrity and quality of our brand.

Mania Foods Quality


Mania Foods is constantly audited by the IFS (International Featured Standards) Food protocol.

These are international standards that evaluate the conformity of products and processes with respect to food safety and food quality. It consists of uniform standards for food, products and services operated by the IFS.

Mineiros at heart

Where we are

Our modern factory is located in the Satélite neighborhood, in the northern region of Belo Horizonte, next to Avenida Cristiano Machado, one of the main roads in the city, on the way to Confins International Airport.

Mania Foods is present in several states

Where to find us

With the rapid growth of our company in Minas Gerais, we expanded distribution to two of the most important states in Brazil: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. However, it doesn’t stop here, we have dealers all over Brazil.

Mania of being present

Some of our clients

Over the years, we have built great partnerships. 

What our team say

Words from our employees

We make our company a family.


For 20 years I have been honored to be part of the Mania Foods team. I have worked in several sectors and experienced, over these two decades, this major growth in the food industry. At Mania Foods I found meaning in my work, I was recognized for what I do. This is the place where I work, overcome challenges, and I leave my heart full of gratitude. Thank God and the entire Mania Foods team.

Domingos Brito - Administrative Manager, São Paulo Branch

Samuel 1

I have been working in the Group for 17 years, I started from scratch, in cleaning. I seized the opportunities and today I am a production manager. Each day we learn more. The company provides an opportunity for people to grow. It’s up to us to seize the opportunity. I’m proud to work here. It’s everything for me! This food area is very good, we know that we must be as careful as possible. We are very careful with our processes. We have a laboratory. Employees must wash their hands every half hour, wear masks, caps… Our work is essential for health, as we are dedicated to making food that goes to various places. We must be careful. The company has evolved a lot. And so have I. This is gratifying!

Samuel Gonçalves - Production Manager

Jose junio

It’s challenging, but not impossible. We have the best equipment and a well-trained team. The quality of the sandwich is due to the selected basic ingredients we use. We do everything very carefully, with good hygiene, thinking about food safety, so that everything is always fresh. We have a good working environment with good conditions offered by the company. I started in the company in the general services sector and in the storage room. They gave me an opportunity for growth. It is very good to work here. In addition to being a company concerned with the quality of the products, it offers a health plan, lunch, basic food basket for employees and pays on time, often even in advance.

José Júnio - Bakery Production Manager

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